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Many consumers who have considered purchasing the Apple TV have also looked at the Roku XD Streaming Player to determine how it stacks up when it comes to capability, quality, and affordability.  If this sounds familiar here is a review of the Roku XD Streaming Player which is among a series of models that are manufactured by Roku.

roku xd

Roku XD Primary Features

Some of the primary selling features of the Roku HD Streaming Player are its flexibility to work with a variety of different televisions that have a maximum picture resolution of 1080p.  The Roku XD also allows you to stream music from the Internet a well as images and videos over a wireless high speed broadband connection.

The Roku XD is designed specifically for streaming so the sounds and images that are transmitted from the Internet to your television screen are quite exceptional in quality and efficiency.  If your broadband connection is high speed and fast enough to stream content from the Internet, it is difficult to tell the difference in quality between streaming from the Internet with the Roku XD and using a conventional cable TV connection.  The Roku XD also offers a wireless-n connection which has a signal that can be picked up at a longer range than a wireless-g connection.

1080p Viewing Capability

One of the primary advantages of the Roku XD Streaming Player is its ability to stream 1080p where Apple TV only offers 720p.  It is important to note that there are three models in the Roku lineup which include the XDS, XD, and HD streaming players.  To avoid any confusion, if you have a lot of content to stream the Roku XDS supports both 1080p input and output however, if you do not have a lot of 1080p content then the Roku XD Streaming Player should suit your needs at a lesser price.

The Roku XD Streaming Player will also support 720p content so if you have more sources that you use such as Amazon or Hulu that do not offer a lot of content for 1080p then the XD is the better choice for the time being.  As 1080p becomes more prevalent you can always decide to upgrade to the XDS at a later date.

Channel Flexibility

The Roku XD Streaming Player has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility when it comes to the viewing opportunities that are offered with the Roku Channel Store which serves as an apps store that is customized for your Roku player. Netflix is one of the three primary apps due to the fact that the Roku streaming players have a partnership with Netflix. The other two primary apps are Hulu and Amazon Video On-Demand.  It is also possible to access channels on Pandora to enjoy music that is streamed into your television.

There are also additional channels in the Roku Channel Store if you are willing to commit the time to sign in to each account and link the Roku player to each one. You can also access channels not included with the Roku XD which you can configure with your PC.  These are channels such as YouTube (since Google owns it and has its own TV expansion plans) and Vimeo in addition to being able to access Facebook Photos and Flickr.

If the channels that are included with the Roku XD Streaming Player are all you need, setup only takes up to five minutes.  All the setup process requires is connecting your Roku XD to your television, switching on the unit, and then you simply synch it with your wireless network and it is ready for you to use.

If you want to add channels not included with your Roku HD then the setup and configuration is a little more complex but not impossible.  As an example of some of the steps you must take, you must locate the settings for your television and then indicate that you have a 1080p unit so you can view high definition content from the Internet.  There are also others processes you must use to configure your Roku XD to stream content to your television.


Roku is also known for offering state-of-the-art customer service should you experience any problems with configuration or using the Roku XD Streaming Player after setup.  The customer support team will also assist you with troubleshooting your wireless connection if you have trouble connecting to the Internet after installing the Roku player.

The Roku XD Streaming Player is an affordable unit that is mid-range between the XDS model and the HD model.  If you are looking for an upgrade from your current unit or you are considering saving money on your cable TV bill, the Roku XD is worth taking a closer look.  You can find additional information on the Roku XD Streaming Player by clicking here

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