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If you are new to RuneScape, you might get frustrated while building up your skill level. Skills are everything in RuneScape, and building up the needed skill level to get the right equipment can take hours. For some this is boring. Whenever there is a problem, there is also a solution, which is why RuneScape trainers have been made available.

RuneScape trainers are software or actual people that go through the training process for you. You can go to bed, or go out for the evening. By enabling the trainer, it will work while you are away from the game. You can then get your skill level up without putting any of your own time and effort into it.

The Good

  • Training can be frustrating and time consuming. When you are ready to get started with the game, you can get bored with the training process. To get to the level you need to be at to be competitive, you need hours of training.
  • You can end up with a high skill level, and thus have more fun with the game.

The Bad

  • RuneScape trainers are banned from the game. Whether you hire someone to train for you or you download a training program, it is against the rules of the game. If you get caught you will be banned.
  • Many are a scam. That means they steal your account, along with all of your money that you have acquired in the game.
  • When you use a trainer, you are not going to get the most out of the game. You lose the joy of the satisfaction of doing well on your own.

People Trainers Versus Auto Trainers

In addition to looking at the good and bad in regards to RuneScape trainers, you also have to look at people trainers verses auto trainers. Both have benefits and risks.

When you use people as trainers, you can have someone who will be with the game the entire time. That means they will not be vulnerable to attack, as automated trainers often are.

At the same time, you can end up getting your account stolen by a person. He could take your information and take over your account. Of course, there is a chance that an automated program could hijack your account as well.

The Bottom Line

Trainers may work well for those who are frustrated with the training process, but be aware you could get scammed or banned. You are taking a risk anytime you download a trainer or hire someone else to go through the training process with you. Most people would agree it is not worth getting banned from the game.

You are better off playing the game on your own. It might get frustrating at times, but playing on your own is the only way to protect yourself from the dangers of trainers. A virus can be deadly to your account, and an account theft will make you lose everything you have.

Most RuneScape players will tell you there is not a safe trainer. Anytime you use a trainer, you assume a risk. The risk could pay off, or you could end up in trouble due to the trainer. You could end up with a stolen or banned account, or even a virus.

However, if you want to use trainers to help you master the game, you can download them at:


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