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Another interesting product on show at IFA this week is the touch screen remote control from Samsung which doubles up as a 7 inch TV. It allows you to browse through other channels and actually watch them on the remote without changing the channel currently on your TV. It needs a TV with a dual tuner and a fast 802.11n Wi-Fi link to connect the two devices.

The remote gives you access to a detailed TV guide with information about whatever else is on. It is a touch screen so operation is simple and taking the idea further you can even check out the channel without changing the main TV. If you find something you actually want to watch on the main TV you can hold down on the channel and sweep it upwards and it’ll come on the big screen.

Philips Touchscreen- RemoteThe touch screen remote is very easy to use and there are already universal remotes from companies like Philips and Logitech amongst others which are based on a similar idea but they lack the dual TV tuner. The top of the line Philips Pronto remote is pictured. Samsung are also planning to have a third option which is internet access on the device. With more and more TVs supporting Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections and access to a basic range of applications this functionality could be a clever advance.

While this remote may save a few arguments about what to watch on the family TV it is likely to make competition for the remote itself even fiercer. At the moment it is just a concept so there is no indication when it might reach the market or how much it would cost.

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