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Because Sims 2 is such a favorite among PS2 fans, many of you are looking for cheats and advance options to up your game. To help you out, I have put together four of the best websites with very good Sims 2 PS2 Cheats. In combination these websites cover most if not all of the cheats available to Sims 2 players.

Jump right in and use as many as you need and get you game on.

Neo Seeker

This Sims 2 PS2 Cheat site is brilliant. The list of cheats goes on and on, you would probably find all the cheats you ever wanted on this page. There are tips from how to kill other Sims to how to get free food. As comprehensive as this list is, I will still include other sites to give you the best chance of finding the cheat you are after.

Game Spot

At this website you can access cheats, unlockables and FAQ sections with tips and hints on how to play the best game.

PS2 Now

This is another site which is loaded with Sims 2 PS2 cheats. It seem like everything from clothing to extra locations is covered. This list is quite an interesting read. Even if you never played Sims 2, this list will make you want to, just so you can try out the cheats.

The final site for cheats is another article located at About.com. There aren’t many new cheats here but this site is still worth mentioning as the instructions are very straight forward.

So there you have the Sims 2 PS2 Cheats. Unlock new options and play to your hearts content.

What’s your Sim going to do next?

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