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The Sony T50 Digital Camera is classed in the ultra compact category because of the dimensions and is proving to be a favorite among digital camera users worldwide.

Not only is the ease of using this camera talked about, but the Sony T50 Digital Camera comes in black, classic silver or red so there is some variation despite keeping the same camera design as previous models.

Whether you are a new or seasoned photographer this camera would be ample for your needs.

Best Bits

  • The LCD size is 3 whole inches so you really do see your pictures.
  • The Touch-screen user interface makes this camera even cooler.
  • The Sony T50 Digital Camera allows you to view in-camera slide shows with the options to add music and transitions.
  • This camera is PictBridge compatible so you can use it with compatible printer docs.
  • The flash has a very good range for such a small camera.
  • The Sony T50 Digital Camera uses an ample 2.0 USB connection for faster image transfer.
  • The quality of the photos are quite good thanks to the 7.2 mega pixels.
  • You can take up to 400 shots before the battery goes flat.
  • Comes with the bundled Picture Motion Browser software.

Could Be Better

  • Because of the sensitivity of the touch screen interface you do have to keep a soft cloth (or clean sleeve) handy to keep wiping off your finger prints.
  • The Sony T50 Digital Camera does not come with a memory card; such a cool camera should have finished off the package with a memory card.
  • If you are taking photos indoors the white balance underperforms.
  • Because of the higher ISO settings the Sony T50 produces a lot of image noise.

Neat Tips And Tricks

If you are new to digital photography and want to know some quick and easy tips for your Sony T50 Digital Camera then follow the links below. If you are interested in performing a

function that is not covered on these websites or in the user manual, you can always email or post your question to popular forums like Yahoo Answers.

Ok, here are the links:

  • Automatically Rename Photos in Windows XP
  • Optimize Your Camera Color Settings
  • Naming And Renaming Files
  • Avoiding Fuzzy Photos
  • Place Your Photo on a T-Shirt

What Others Are Saying

Although the general opinion is that this is a good camera there are some buyers who were less than thrilled. Read a few user comments here

Obviously depending on your requirements and needs, different features would appeal to you. To help your decide, you can view a comprehensive review of the Sony T50 Digital Camera here

Despite the opinions on both sides of the fence, the pros of the Sony T50 Digital Camera far outweigh the cons but then again this is based on my needs and usage, you may disagree totally. Whether you like the camera or not depends on your design taste, frequency of use or where you take most of your photos, amongst many other factors. Only you can decide after reading the specs and others opinions if this camera would suit your needs.

Where To Purchase

This camera is widely available and the price range is just as wide, the prices I found online ranged from $307 to $428. It would be worth shopping around as you could save over 100

bucks depending on where you shop. The most poplar shops that sell the Sony T50 Digital Camera at an ok price are:

  • ABE’s of Maine
  • Amazon.com
  • JR.com

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