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The Splinter Cell series of games have proved very successful and they are endorsed by American author Tom Clancy although he didn’t actually write any of the game scripts. The player is cast as Sam Fisher a typical black ops secret agent type who works for the NSA and battles terrorists. The action is third-person with a strong focus on stealth and players have to sneak around carefully performing their covert missions without drawing undue attention. Triggering an alarm or accidentally killing a civilian can often lead to mission failure so the game provides a real challenge.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the difficulty factor, many players opt to use Splinter Cell walkthroughs in order to work their way through the levels in one piece. The original game was released on multiple platforms and sequels have followed suit although the series has graduated from the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii.

If you want a PDF guide which you can download and print out then you can buy guides for each of the Splinter Cell games at Luna Bean. They have detailed walkthroughs to guide you every step of the way and they offer screenshot versions as well but they do come at a price. You can also order official game guides on Amazon which are professionally written and packed with tips and hints as well as comprehensive walkthroughs but they don’t come cheap.

Perhaps you prefer to find help for free, well who can blame you? There is little point in paying for a resource when you can find what you need for absolutely nothing. Since screenshots are a helpful addition for any walkthrough you may want to visit the aptly named Visual Walkthroughs. They don’t cover many games but they do have walkthroughs for the Splinter Cell series and each one has a detailed series of screenshots to help you on your way to victory. The detail is great and each step of the action is accompanied by a relevant screenshot so these walkthroughs are tough to beat.

To take the visual walkthrough one step further you’ll have to turn to video footage of the game being played and you can find a host of Splinter Cell walkthroughs at YouTube. It can be tricky to find a complete series and you may spend a while identifying the bit you are stuck on but for accurate help which is easy to follow nothing beats a video.

If you can’t have a walkthrough on your PC screen while you play or you prefer to have something text based that you can print out then there are plenty of traditional Splinter Cell walkthroughs out there.IGN provide detailed guides for each of the Splinter Cell games which include walkthroughs and at GameFAQs you can find multiple user submitted walkthroughs for the games written by amateur gamers in notepad format.

As you can see there are numerous Splinter Cell walkthroughs available for gamers struggling to complete tricky missions. The easiest to follow are probably the Visual Walkthroughs although some people do find text easier to follow and less likely to spoil the action ahead. There is little point in shelling out cash for a walkthrough or guide. They rarely provide more detail than the freely available variety and sometimes they are harder to follow with small pictures and inaccurate information.

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