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You probably bought your PS2 to play video games and, yes, that is its main purpose. But there are a number of alternative (and legal) purposes to which you can put your PS2. Known as “ps2 hacks“, these different uses can stretch the benefits and usability of your system.

If you’re wondering “what’s a hack”?, you’re probably not alone. The term “hack” stems from “computer hacker,” who is someone who breaks into computer systems. A hack is gamer shorthand for an alternative use or a short cut. For example, you might want to know how to load your ps2 game discs on to a hard drive in order to have them load faster. Or, you might want to access short cuts others have discovered in popular video games. In fact, most hard core video gamers like the security of knowing a few short cuts around what might be hours of testing and back-tracking.

There are a range of sites that offer ps2 hacks. The site “Hack a Day” offers up several alternatives, such as instructions for copying PS2 games to your hard drive. Or, you can click here to discover how to install a playstation in your car (instructions on how to play while you’re driving are not as forthcoming). One of the best descriptions of useful ps2 hacks can be found on the New Learning Everyday blog. The author describes how to modify the PS2 to play MP3, load games from a USB and even load games and files from a network.

When exploring the hack world, it’s important to bear in mind that this is the realm of the truly committed computer guy (or gal). Some of the folks who develop these hacks call themselves “homebrewers” – in other words, they brew up their own recipes for utilizing the systems sold by major manufacturers. They create hacks for a variety of systems, including the Xbox, the PSP and the Nintendo Wii.

If you’re a “newbie” you may find that the language seems daunting and the applications seem a little, well, strange. After all, is it really that important to be able to play your PS2 in your car? But before long you’ll be homebrewing with the best of them. You might even find yourself caught in a homebrew jest, spending hours to create your own “hack” that does, well, nothing. Don’t worry about it: it’s all part of the fun.

If you’re really into ps2 hacks, consider reviewing Joe Grand’s Best of Hardware, Wireless, and Game Console Hacking DVD. It requires a free registration, but will provide you with many of the homebrew discovered uses of the ps2 system.

Oh, and don’t forget – you can also use your PS2 to play video games!

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