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I just do not get the sales angle of the Tripp iPod pocket pants; I mean come on….. The pants are advertised as the solution to the problem of digging through your pockets in search of your iPod or cell phone. This seems quite funny to me.

I could understand the pants being sold to people who like such styles as a great fashion statement, after all they do look quite trendy, but would I purchase these pants to avoid unnecessary searching for my iPod?…..Hmm, I’m just not sure.

There are many other items of clothing out there with just one pocket so if I stuff my hand in there and no iPod appears then guess what, it is not on me.

Ok lets up the anti, if I have four pockets on my clothing I have to dig four times as much, so the only way the Tripp iPod pocket pants would be any better is if it had one solitary pocket.

The pants have a side pocket designed for your favorite electronic gadgets. Once you remember to put your gadget in that specially designed pocket you would be ok.

On the flip side if you put your device in only one pocket in any other clothing you wear, you can call it your very own iPod pants, iPod shirt, iPod skirt……….you get the picture.

Seriously though, I think the makers decided to add the iPod side pocket to make life a bit easier for their existing customers who normally wear Tripp pants. If you owned one of these cargo type pants, with its million and one pockets, it could become tiresome trying to find your cell phone or iPod…so ok I think I see the point.

But telling me that the Tripp iPod pocket pants is the answer to my never ending search for my iPod or cell phone is a bit misleading.

Well whether you like Tripp iPod pocket pants or not, they are selling like hot cakes. I am curious to know if it is due to the iPod pocket angle or just because they are being purchased by loyal Tripp customers. If you find the answer, please let me know.

These pants could set you back approximately $70 and they are often out of stock, so if you really want one you have to place your order quickly.

Your Size Is Out There

The Tripp iPod pocket pants are available in many sizes so chances are you will get one that fits you.

Oh by the way, the waists of the Tripp iPod pocket pants are adjustable thanks to the draw string that can be adjusted to suit you.

Have a look at the waist sizes that are available.

Size Waist (In inches)

X-small 28-30

Small 30-32

Medium 32-34

Large 34-36

X-large 36-38

XX-large 38-42

Where To Buy

If you are ordering online you should visit Bewild for a detailed look at the Tripp iPod pocket pants. If you prefer the try before you buy method and you don’t know where your nearest outlet is,try using the Tripp store locator

If you are a fan of Tripp NYC then the iPod pocket pants would be attractive to you. They are quite cool and the one additional ‘iPod’ pocket should not subtract from the cool factor.

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