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I know this guy who is always at the gym when I go to workout and I think he needs to join Speeder’s Anonymous or something if there is such a group.  It seems like every time I talk to him he has gotten yet another speeding ticket. First, I told him he should get in the habit of slowing down and then I asked him why he doesn’t seal the deal with a radar detector that will provide added protection if his foot happens to get too heavy on the pedal.  He told me he had no idea what to look for in a radar detector and that he kept meaning to get one but never took the time.

It all sounded to me like he could have avoided all of those traffic tickets if he just took a little time to look for a top rated radar detector that would provide him with the protection he obviously needs.  I decided to save him some time and told him about a unit I recently came across that is in the top of the radar detector ratings.  I took note of what I told him so I could provide this Valentine One Radar Laser Detector review for others who have racked up the speeding violations.  The guy really appreciated my information since it saved him time and it reduced his excuses. Fortunately he went out to buy a Valentine One radar detector to solve his ongoing dilemma with law enforcement.

valentine one radar detector

Valentine One Design and Features

Valentine has been around since the 1990s and the interesting thing about its appearance is it hasn’t changed that much over the years. If you are in a state that has radar detector laws the Valentine One radar detector can look rather obvious. The housing is quite large which would also make it incompatible as a motorcycle radar detector.  Despite this fact it is still 100 percent invisible to a wide variety of radar detectors used by law enforcement including VG-2 and VG-4 and can be connected to an optional laser jammer.

It also has some very functional features such as LED lights that indicate signal strength, an LED feature which will keep track of the number of radar signals coupled with arrows that indicate where the signal is coming from, indicators that identify each radar band, and a muting control along with a button that controls the signal volume.

I like the button which allows you to switch modes for sensitivity.  There are three different modes including a maximum sensitivity setting which is highly effective, a Logic setting which will defeat the sound of X-band signals that are not related to law enforcement radar, and Advanced Logic which is for driving in the city and is a mode for desensitization.  The LED display also automatically adjusts to the light in your surroundings and the three different modes help to reduce false alarms.

Valentine One Radar Detection Ability

When it comes to detecting a wide variety of different radar signals from a significant distance the Valentine One radar detector scores high in this category and is regarded as one of the top five radar detectors in the world.  I was especially impressed with the front and back antennas which provide 360 degree radar detection with exceptional Ka-band radar detection from as far as nine miles away and rear detection about a little less than two miles in distance.

The Valentine One radar detector also provides outstanding performance when it comes to detecting those dastardly hidden speed zones as well as the ones that hide behind hills and trees.  The directional arrows on the unit work for L, K, X, and Ka-band as well as police laser and speed traps that use instant-on.  It also contains a nifty V1 Euro version if you happen to be located in Europe.  For truly unmatched results, you can add the combo package which includes the laser jammer and Blinder M47 which automatically detects a laser gun, alerts you, and then jams the gun so law enforcement cannot determine your speed.

Another great feature of the Valentine One radar detector is the capability to program it as a speed camera detector which is convenient for the speed camera and photo radar often used in European countries.  It will also detect Ku radar, instant-on, and POP radar.

Valentine One Radar Detector Installation

Installing the Valentine One radar detector is a snap and you can choose from either the windshield attachment or the visor clip both of which are available when you purchase the unit.  The visor clip comes in handy if you live in a cold climate where the suction cups are not very effective.  Otherwise the suction cups are connected with a bar which makes the unit windshield removal easy.  Most other units are rather difficult to remove from the windshield.  Also, remember when you install the Valentine One radar detector it must have a clear view of 360 degrees if you are going to detect radar from all angles including the attacks that nail you from behind.

This is a great deal when you look at all of the features and capabilities of the Valentine One radar detector and for the price you pay, you will likely rack up more money in speeding violations like the guy in the gym which makes the unit a very worthwhile investment.  Thanks to the Internet it is easy to comparison shop for prices and I found a very competitive price here

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