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A friend of mine was looking for an HDTV he could get as a gift for his brother who was still using a television from days gone by.  His television was quite antiquated and on my visit I discussed all the great features the new HDTVs offer and the benefits of upgrading.  Kind of set in his ways, he was hesitant and thought the technology was probably over his head.  I thought otherwise and being the technology buff that I am, I set out on an excursion with my friend to look for a TV upgrade that we thought my friend’s brother would end up enjoying.

My friend’s brother has limited space in his living area so we took that into consideration when we started reviewing HDTVs.  We went through several units until we discovered the Vizio sv370xvt 37 inch 120Hz LCD HDTV which looked like the perfect size and displayed a great picture.  We decided to investigate further and we came up with this Vizio sv370xvt review: vizio sv370xvt

Vizio sv370xvt Slim Design

The Vizio sv370xvt has a very sleek and stylish slim design of only 2.2 inches in width with a high tech housing that will suit any décor.  At 37 inches and the slim design we thought this HDTV would fit well in my friend’s brother’s living space however we continued to investigate the TV a little further to find out more about the features.

Vizio sv370xvt Picture Quality 

When we gave the picture a test viewing we were treated to a brightly lit high end picture quality with Vizio sv370xvt 1080p high definition resolution which provided exceptional imaging.  This model unit is also equipped with enhanced video, great multimedia features and an Advanced Glare Polarizer which is capable of adjusting the contrast ratio for rooms that have bright lighting without creating a haze over the screen like older LCD model TVs.

The Vizio sv370xvt is also equipped with Enhanced In-Plane Switching which provides enhanced picture quality at wider viewing angles as well as superior image quality. To top off the exceptional picture quality the 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio allows you to enjoy fast action programs minus the blur. We also noticed that viewing is still optimal from as much as 8 feet away from the TV and you can enjoy the picture-in-picture feature which allows you to view from more than one input.  We figured when we showed this awesome picture quality to my friend’s brother it would be love at first sight.

Vizio sv370xvt Audio Enhancements 

When we played around with the audio on the Vizio sv370xvt, we were quite impressed with the audio enhancements which are included in this TV.  The audio technology by SRS Labs is quite innovative and extreme and delivers top performance audio from the speakers which are built into the unit.  The audio system is empowered by Vizio sv370xvt SRS Trusurround HD which provided us with a true to life surround sound experience which was very close to a separate high end audio speaker system.

What I especially liked about the audio system was the implementation of Intelligent Multi-Band Monitoring which prevents the annoying changes in volume especially when commercial advertisers intentionally increase the volume which returns to normal when your program resumes.

Vizio sv370xvt Connectivity 

The great thing about this HDTV is the excellent HDMI connectivity with three HDMI ports which provide extreme connectivity with a wide variety of peripheral devices.  The HDMI inputs support almost every type of device including your DVD player, digital cable, Blu-ray player, gaming units, and many other types of external devices.  For the die hard gamers, there is also a nifty Game Port so you can enjoy fast action games.

vizio sv370xvt back inputs

You can access your media via the USB ports which are provided on the side of the TV.  You can also use the USB ports to update software for the Vizio sv370xvt which is also known as firmware and access your music and photo files which are stored on your flash drive.  There is also an S-Video port, component video, composite video, and one PC port.

Overall, we found the Vizio sv370xvt to be a great value for the price point.  The picture quality is exceptional regardless of the content you are viewing.  When we tried the unit as a computer monitor the quality was excellent as well.  The remote control is easy to use with a sleek design and is easy to use in the dark with lighted channel buttons and volume controls.  When we lifted the TV it was very lightweight and the store attendant explained the easy setup right out of the box.  The setup menu

s are easy to read and follow and adjustment is easy to see since the menu does not occupy the entire screen.

When the Vizio sv370xvt was released in the latter part of 2009 it was rather pricey but as we investigated further we landed a great price here

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