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A friend of mine first bought an HDTV several years back and at the time it was considered a state-of-the-art unit.  Technology changes so quickly that he was already looking to update his HDTV which was only a few years old.  One of his concerns was the amount of time and programming it took to set up his HDTV so he was looking for a unit that delivers the latest innovations in HDTV technology without the headaches and fuss of setting up and programming the unit.

After speaking with my friend I began to focus on HDTVs which would meet my friend’s criteria and being interested in reviewing electronics products, I wanted to see if I could challenge myself to find a unit that delivered everything including easy setup.  As I spent time on research, I came across the Vizio vf552xvt which appeared to be close to my friend’s expectations so I decided to investigate further and give it a test run.  As long as I was investigating I decided to take notes so I could provide a vf552xvt unbiased review to help my friend and others make an informed decision.

vizio vf552xvt

Vizio vf552xvt Fast Setup

When I went to the electronics store the attendant demonstrated how fast and easy the Vizio vf552xvt is to setup right out of the box.  He took the unit out of the box and was up and running within 15 minutes.  I was quite impressed considering all of the features that are packed into the TruLED HDTV.  The Vizio vf552xvt also connected to a Blu-ray player with great ease by simply plugging in the HDMI cable and following the simple startup wizard.  Wireless connections are also fairly easy to configure and the unit comes with a rather substantial remote control device.

The remote control tends to be a little thick however this is due to the impressive Vizio vf552xvt qwerty keyboard which is equipped with a slide out interface.  The keyboard is quite comfortable to use when you enter text and works very similar to a smartphone which is really cool.  The remote control is also equipped with Bluetooth which enables you to operate the controls within a significant distance of the TV.  The Bluetooth capability also suggests that there will be new capabilities in the future such as using other Bluetooth devices to operate the TV controls.

Vizio vf552xvt LCD HDTV Picture Quality

Vizio seemed to go all the way with picture quality technology which creates a distinctive viewing experience thanks to the Vizio vf552xvt LED backlight made with 960 LEDs which are distributed to 80 control blocks with Smart Dimming so you can control the blocks according to what type of content you are viewing.  I was also impressed when viewing programs that contained dark scenes with the Smart Dimming feature.  This feature provides a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which makes viewing darker scenes a lot easier.  This technology is also enhanced by the Vizio vf552xvt 1080p high definition resolution which provides sharp imaging even in the darkest of scenes.

vizio vf552xvt rear inputs

Vizio vf552xvt SRS Trusurround

The sound quality on the Vizio vf552xvt is quite acceptable thanks to Trusurround that does a pretty good job of filling the room with surround sound.  You can also opt to connect your own home entertainment sound system to improve the quality even further.  The sound is delivered through a sound bar that is positioned at the bottom of the unit making it appear a little bulky.  If you do not mind that the audio is very decent quality on this unit.

Internet Apps

The interactive apps platform on the Vizio vf552xvt is quite impressive and comes with Amazon Video on Demand, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Widgets with more being added in the future according to Vizio.  The Apps Dock appears on the screen with a simple touch of a button on the remote and the widgets are quite speedy when compared to Yahoo widgets.  You also have easy access to other features such as blip.tv, CBS, NBC, and the Weather Channel.  You can also use the iMemories feature which will convert all of your home movies and photos to digital format so you can enjoy them on TV.

The Vizio vf552xvt is also equipped with WiFi and an Ethernet connection.  There are four HDMI jacks on the 55 inch unit as well as a VGA output for connecting your PC, component video input, and three USB ports which are located on the side of the unit.

The apps are fantastic and the features you get on the Vizio vf552xvt are quite abundant for the price point of this unit.  You can always pay significantly more to go beyond the features of this unit however, it appears to be a very good deal for this level of consumer electronics.  I am glad I investigated this TV because it is a step above most of the other HDTVs and second to very few units which may offer more features.  What’s more is I was able to find a great price on this HDTV here

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