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My cousin recently contacted me because he knows that I am into reviewing and learning about the latest electronic technology on the market.  He just moved into an apartment and will be starting college soon and he asked me if I knew of a quality HDTV that was reasonably priced and would fit well in the limited space of his apartment.  He told me he went looking for an HDTV and got overwhelmed as most consumers do when they look at the HDTVs on the market.

On another recent excursion to the electronics store I remembered coming across the Vizio vl320m so I decided to go back and take a closer look.  As I was reviewing this Vizio model of HDTVs I jotted down some notes because I noticed when I did some research that it was difficult to locate a Vizio vl320m unbiased review.  I wanted to provide as much information as possible to help my cousin make an educated decision and here is what I found:

vizio vl320m

Vizio vl320m 32 Inch LCD HDTV Picture Quality 

For an HDTV of this size the picture quality features are pretty amazing and lived up to my expectations when I gave the picture quality a test run.  This was due to the Vizio vl320m contrast ratio which is a surprising 50,000:1 which provides extremely sharp contrasts with deep blacks against brighter contrasting colors that created an incredible viewing experience.  The picture quality is also topped off with Smooth Motion II technology with a 60Hz refresh rate and the Vizio vl320m full HD 1080p high resolution which provides sharp imaging and refined picture quality.

In addition to great picture quality you can also take advantage of the picture-in-picture feature which allows you to utilize two sources of input to display two videos at one time with split screen capability.  You can also resize the screen to suit your tastes and program the feature to display the pictures side by side.

Vizio vl320m Audio Quality 

When I investigated the audio quality of the Vizio vl320m flat panel HDTV is was very good thanks to the innovative technology created by SRS Labs. The technology which is integrated into the Vizio vl320m SRS Trusurround created a sound quality which was more than I expected and was quite realistic to that of a separate sound system.  When I stepped back from the unit the audio was very crisp and clear with the surround sound feature quite true to life.

The audio is also equipped with five presets for listening to pop, rock, jazz, flat, or classic and there is a feature which allows you to regulate the audio and video synchronization to prevent hesitation between the audio and video.  Another cool audio feature I found is the SRS TruVolume which is capable of regulating the volume so you do not get scared out of your wits with commercials that purposely increase the volume because they know you walk out of the room.

Vizio vl320m Connectivity 

The connection capability of the Vizio vl320m was also more than I expected from a 32 inch unit with three HDMI ports to connect a wide variety of peripheral devices such as digital cables, gaming units, cameras and much more.  What also surprised me was that Vizio provides a one year warranty which provides a guarantee for zero bright pixel defects.  The connectivity also provides for Blu-ray and HD-DVD players for the future.

Energy Consumption 

Vizio shows concern for going green with HDTV by packing in the features that help to conserve energy.  The Vizio vl320m comes equipped with a power saver which is designed to help you conserve energy and reduce the costs of your energy bill.  I also found a nifty feature which allows you to regulate the backlight intensity which can reduce the brightness of the picture quality but it also helps to conserve energy.  You can also compensate for this by adjusting the room lighting which can actually enhance your viewing experience.  The Vizio vl320m has also earned the Energy Star seal of approval for reduction of energy consumption.

Vizio vl320m Manual 

I loved the Vizio vl320 manual which provides comprehensive descriptions and all of the information you need to know.  There is full color quick start poster which clearly describes what all of the inputs are for along with suggestions for choosing the best connections to each port.  The manual is well laid out and easy to understand and is jam packed with clear illustrations which support the descriptions.

Our Take 

Usually HDTVs with 1080p are higher in cost when compared with lower resolution HDTV models which are similar.  I found the Vizio vl320m to be quite reasonable in price for all the amazing features it offers as well as a picture that delivers more detail.  It is also a great unit if you are looking for to enjoy the latest innovations in technology and you have limited space in your living quarters.  1080p HDTVs can still be quite costly however as technology marches on they will most likely be lower priced. For this reason, I was surprised to find a great low price on a Vizio vl320m here

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