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Nintendo’s Wii gaming system is very popular – too popular in fact. It can be a little tough to find. And, of course, whenever a new component comes out the situation becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, enterprising individuals on the Internet have found some ways to keep us up to speed on the availability of Wii systems through “Wii trackers.”

So, if you’re considering purchasing a Wii sometime in the near future, check out these Wii tracker resources for up to the minute details on this fun device.

If you’re looking to buy a Wii, especially around any holiday season, know that you might be in for quite a search. That’s where Wii trackers can come in handy. In considering which one to utilize, you’ll want to consider whether you want to buy your Wii online, offline (i.e., at a local store) or if, frankly, you just don’t care where you get it – you just want the darn thing! Following are some sites to consider for either option:

Online sales

These online sites post frequently updated information on who sells the Nintendo Wii console and whether they have any in stock. Some of the best to consider include:

  • Wii Tracker, which provides information on Wii consoles as well as popular games and accessories
  • XPBargains Wii Tracker, which includes an RSS feed you can subscribe to. Through the RSS, you’ll have up-to-date information without having to check the site every day.
  • Refresh Thing, which updates automatically every minute.


Many people swear by iTracker, which will send instant notification on whether Wii’s are available at your local stores. You will have to register (a free registration) to get the information, but hey, what’s a name and e-mail address between friends?


The Wii Yahoo Buyer’s Guide allows you to search for availability (or possible availability) both online and at local stores via your zip code. Don’t get too excited if your online service tells you that a Wii is available at a local store, however. Always call first to be sure they really are in stock. The inventory systems of local stores can be inaccurate and you wouldn’t want to get there only to find a mistake had been made, would you?

A Wii tracker can help keep you get up to speed on what might be available but, given the popularity of the system you still might have difficulties, especially when your Wii tracker sites tell you nothing but “sold out.” That’s when you might want to consider other options, such as Ebay, for tracking down one of these fun consoles. At any given time you might find from 10 to 500 consoles available.

Another option is an online shopping search engine, like Shopping.com or Froogle. Either site will tell you who sell Wii’s and whether the site is listing them as currently in stock or not. Again, though, be sure to call before placing an order.

The Wii gaming system is clearly here to stay, and a good wii tracker site can help you make sure that one is staying in your house!

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