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If you are a part of the gaming community, you have likely heard the rumors about the
Xbox portable. There are even fake commercials that showcase what the Xbox portable could be, if it only was. The question remains, though, will there be a portable gaming system from Microsoft? And if there is, what will it be like?

The Odds

The first question to address is the odds of the Xbox portable seeing the light. While Microsoft is staying silent on the prospect of competing in the handheld gaming industry, insiders say it is likely they will unveil a portable version of their smash hit Xbox 360. After all, they are competitive in the gaming industry and they want to corner all areas of the market. With the newfound popularity of handheld gaming, thanks to the Nintendo DS, it is likely the Xbox will also find its way to a store near you.

What to Expect

Speculation is running high about the game system, from the name (Xboy is a favorite) to the specs. Right now, the most popular theory is it will be a Zune/Xbox hybrid. Basically, it will take some of the favorite features of the Zune, and then turn it into an Xbox.

Right now, people with a Zune have some gaming capability, but it is not enough for Xbox fans. The new Xbox portable is expected to take that gaming ability and bring it to Xbox level.

The portable device is expected to be the size of a controller, have great graphics, and all of the power of a standard 360. That sounds amazing, and it is expected Microsoft can pull it off.

If the Xbox portable comes into effect, how is it going to impact the gaming world?

The Power of the Portable

  • The portable device will have the power to change the way people look at Xbox. While Nintendo has always been seen as a versatile gaming platform, the Xbox was always meant for the at home (and usually older) gamer. With a portable, that could all change.
  • If it moves to include a younger crowd, look for a slight change in the games. You will still get all of the great games you have come to expect with Xbox, but they might also start to focus more on children like Nintendo does.
  • Nintendo will have a little more competition. It is no secret the Wii has been the hot item of the year. With a portable by Xbox, it could easily enter a new market and change the way Xbox is perceived.

The Bottom Line

The only people that know if a new Xbox is coming are the people that are not talking. Microsoft could definitely make a great deal of money off a portable device and with all of the talk it is more likely it will come out than it will not.

If it does come out, the speculation could hurt Microsoft, or it could help it. The speculation shows a great level of excitement, but it also shows a great level of expectation. Microsoft will need to live up to the expectations by delivering a great product.

Do You Want to See the device?

If you want to see what the Xbox portable is speculated to look like, go to:

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