We’ve all been there before.  You spend weeks working on a game.  You have been moving forward, and then all of the sudden, you are stuck.  You try different things, and there is nothing you can do.  You cannot get past a level.  That means all of your hard work will be for naught, unless you can figure out a way to move on.

You could give up.  You know that is not very appealing though.  After you have invested a great deal of time and energy into a game, you really do not want to give up.  What can you do then?  Many people choose Xbox walkthroughs as a way to finish the game.

Xbox walkthroughs can be viewed as tutorials.  They show you how you need to pass certain levels of a game.  They do not play the games for you, but instead they show you what needs to be done, so you are actually in control the entire time.

The Good

  • Xbox walkthroughs will help you understand what needs to be done in a game.  Maybe you have been attacking the monster in the wrong way.  Maybe you have not been going to the right area.  By looking at a walkthrough, you will get to see what you have been doing wrong, and you will then know how to change it.
  • They are not cheats, so you are still doing the work.  If you like to have a sense of accomplishment when playing a game, Xbox walkthroughs will give you that.  Sure, you will get to see how it’s done, but unlike other cheats, you will then still have to beat the level of the game.
  • They’re free.  Walkthroughs can be found all over the internet and they are free of charge.  You can easily view one for your favorite game.

The Bad

  • Some are not comprehensive enough.  You might have to go through several walkthroughs to find one that helps you in the part of the game you are stuck at.  This can be time consuming.
  • For some people, they are not enough.  People that are really struggling need something more than a walkthrough, as they just cannot get past a level of the game.  Since walkthroughs still require the user to play the game, those who are really struggling might not be able to move past it, even when they find out exactly what needs to be done.

The Bottom Line

Walkthroughs are a good way to understand the games you are playing.  You can view a walkthrough and then have a better understanding of what is needed to beat the game.  This is a fun way for many people to beat the games they are playing.

When you use a walkthrough, don’t expect it to do all the work.  While a walkthrough will show you what needs to be done, you are still going to have to do it.  There will still be some hard work ahead after viewing the walkthrough, but that’s part of the fun.  You can still get that sense of accomplishment gamers love when you finish the game, even if you did take a peek at a walkthrough.  Walkthroughs don’t diminish accomplishment.